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3 Paper-Based HRM Processes to Ditch in Favour of Automation

Despite the increasing importance of digital technology in our daily activities, some organizations are yet to adapt. They do things manually thereby spending more time and human capital. Some organizations don’t know these activities can be automated using Human Resource Management (HRM) software to save time. We made you a list of three paper-based HRM processes you should automate.


Here they are:


1. Onboarding: Employee on-boarding is one of the most basic HR processes that involve a lot of paperwork. Filling in employee details and other information while onboarding is a very paper-intense process. It’s easier when you use software to fill forms, as they are easier to fill, you can track them, and even replicate the information for other documents. Onboarding also includes employee training, which can also be a blissful experience if you digitize the process. There are lots of learning management software that can help you digitize employee training and help your employees retake training courses when needed. Automate your onboarding process today.


2. Performance Reviews: Performance management is another important HRM process that should be automated already. An organization needs to have a strong and accurate performance review/appraisal management process. Using a performance review software allows you to access important organizational data whenever needed and helps you improve the quality of feedback.


3. Surveys: Employee surveys can be used as an effective employee performance management tool when utilized appropriately. Using software programs for employee surveys gets rid of the hassle of paperwork and allows you easy access to the survey results, which can be used to build strategies for the development of your organization. There are lots of survey designing tools that would help you design surveys and manage the results effectively.


Your organization’s productivity can be increased significantly, however, it is the rate of increase is subjected to how much of your processes you automate. Automation/the use of software makes the above (listed) processes very easy to carry out, also, saving time while at it.


You don’t know how it would feel using an automated process for your HRM? No worries, feel free to request a free demo here.


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