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How can HR Tech improve Organizational Culture?

HR Tech (Human Resource Technology) is a term for software and associated hardware for automating the human resources function in organizations. It improves how organizations manage their workforce, hires new employees, complies with regulations, and handle HR data from recruitment to retirement of your employees.

HR tech includes employee payroll and compensation, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration.


A lot of HR professionals are not into HR tech tools yet, as some feel it’s not necessary, some feel those tools are expensive, some are skeptical and some just don’t know enough to convince them about HR technology tools.


HR tech and Organizational Culture.

How can HR technology improve workplace culture? Can HR technology help create a conducive environment at the workplace for employees to put their points across and feel motivated? Can it unearth what employees want to learn, collaborate, and work on? The answer is yes and below is how HR tech can achieve this and even much more.


Idea Sharing Forum:

HR professionals should leverage idea sharing forums or platforms for employees to share their ideas and thoughts at a commonplace which can later be discussed during a meeting. These ideas can be integrated into the organizational system if it’s great enough.

If not, proper feedback should be given along with reasons why those ideas are not tenable. Idea sharing forums gives everyone a chance to think creatively and share them on a broader platform. This also boosts the motivation and engagement levels of employees.


Video Job Interview:

The advantages of a video interview cannot be overemphasized which is why it is fast becoming a trend. Whenever you invite a candidate for a video interview, ensure you offer a seamless experience.

Not everyone is comfortable with new technology or platform which is why we need to give them a proper guideline, video tutorials on how to handle the new technology, and continuous HR support regarding how to engage with the platform. The candidate experience is a big thing these days and also provides them a first-hand experience of your brand while at the same time effortlessly improving brand awareness.


Mobile optimized HRMS:

Your HRMS (human resource management system) has to be fully optimized for mobile and it should function properly across devices and platforms.

Cross-platform usage makes HRMS easily available to your employees everywhere – allowing them to check their important notifications, apply for leave from anywhere, give manager feedback, recommendations, appreciation notes to each other, or send wishes on anniversary and birthdays from the comforts of where they are.


Learning Platforms:

Mercer-Mettl’s State of Workplace Learning and Development Report – 2018 discovered that 81% of organizations see blended learning as the most effective way of delivering learning and development programs at the workplace. Learning Management Systems (LMS) along with traditional training can work wonders for your organization if you can put it in practice.

Also, short bursts of information called Microlearning video or audios can boost the training outcome and increase its efficiency and impact.


These are some of the ways which HR tech can improve the workplace culture of your organization. However, many organizations are not taking advantage of these and lots of other benefits technology is offering human resources professionals. HR tech is more than just payroll and performance management, it involves people also.

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