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Recruiting Top Talent, The Easy Way

This is a time of digital Darwinism — an era where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adapt. As societies evolve, it is crucial for organizations to tune their business models.
To survive, you need to be the best and to be the best; you need to hire the best. This challenge with the growing age and demanding time has become harder to achieve than ever. To get the sauce, human resource managers need to put in some special ingredients in the recipe of attracting the best talent.


Let us guide you through the to-do list of attracting top talents.


Know what you need.

Before putting pen to paper or before putting the cursor on the screen, take a second to ask yourself “What am I looking for?”, “Which skills and qualities are a must?” When you get a vivid picture of what is required of the candidate, you can move on to the next step. However, if you fail to do the groundwork, it would be difficult to get a good hire.
Identifying your talent need helps you put together requirements for that job role or function clearly. It explains the roles and position better streamlining your search to just what you need.


Look at the Right Place.

The job market has become overcrowded and there is a lot of competition among job seekers to get noticed.
In the digital world where the barriers are being broken down daily and the world becoming a global village, a high number of potential talents you are seeking might not be found in the traditional job markets.



Source: https://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/the-impact-of-social-media-on-recruitment


The new generation of the workforce is more active online. Hence, in finding the best fit you would need to search for them online (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).


The Perfect Job Description.

Job descriptions should not only be about accumulating resumes, but they should also be tools that excite the desired candidate for the advertized role. Conventional job descriptions usually list a bundle of skills the candidate is expected to possess. Whereas, an effective and perfect job description does not only talk about responsibilities but also expected outcomes and impacts that would make the desired candidate make a move for the role.



Source: https://www.lever.co/recruiting-resources/articles/recruitment-process


People generally try to maintain a formal format while posting a job description but don’t be afraid to strike a casual tone so that the candidate sees you as friendly and human.


Market your Business.

Recruitment is not just about companies reviewing, scanning, evaluating candidates but also about potential employees reviewing the company. The talent pool might be getting shallower but the demand for top talents never stops, which is why businesses must make themselves marketable. If your offer is not better than what competitors are offering it would be difficult to get the best. It is not just about the candidate now but also about the company, ask yourself “What value would we add to this person?” Now is the best time to add value because everyone is promising the same thing.
Your organizational culture is something that sets you apart from competitors and should be at the heart of your organization. Hence, companies need to ensure employees’ goals are aligned with that of the organization.


Assess and Upskill.

Conducting assessments before interviews help filter and choose the best. Assessments that are behavioural, cognitive and skill-based help recruiters understand the talents much better without spending long hours evaluating resumes. Now that we have a handful to choose from, we move on with the interviews. A lot of organizations struggle to get the right fit externally to fill a vacant position when looking inwards might be the right approach. Find employees who can fit right with a bit of training and skilling. The moment you have that figured out, don’t hesitate a second and move to get on with the enhancement procedure.



Source: https://www.lever.co/recruiting-resources/articles/recruitment-process


There are a plethora of modern training programs and engagement tools which are for your use. Their importance cannot be understated – these strategies have helped reduce employee turnover, improved productivity and helped balance the talent equation (retention and attraction).
The process might take some time but building your employees for better, energized performance by training them for the future is an awesome solution that works.


The Talent Network and Relationship.

To get someone with talent, it is crucial to immerse oneself in the world of talent. Get to know the top talent and the strategies various competitors use, keep abreast with what is happening around the world and your industry.
Be proactive and network more because the more you explore and interact, the bigger your network gets and the easier it will be to find the best person with the right skills.


The Blended Approach.

The challenges faced by the talent acquisition professionals are unlikely to diminish in years to come. The technological dynamics will continue to create demand for new skills and new opportunities. Candidates with the right skills are searching for agile and flexible organizations.
A combination of the steps below will help you and your workforce achieve more within less time.


  • Attracting talent is a top priority – Create systems and routines to maintain positive learning processes, also give employees opportunities to transform their careers positively.
  • Retain top talent – Invest heavily in the development of your employees; make them valuable so they can function at an optimal level.
  • Build an efficient learning process – Use your learning programs to the best of your ability when engaging talent.


When organizations align talent acquisition with the organizational strategies they will be best positioned to win the talent acquisition game.



We stand on the brink of a technological revolution what experts call The Fourth Revolution. Jobs are being handballed to applications and artificial intelligence, forcing organizations to adopt new recruitment strategies, to filter the best talent.
Attracting top talent is a crucial element for organizations, but having a balanced equation is more important. This balance cannot be reached without an equally important element – retention. Organizations that aim to be the best work towards a balanced equation.



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