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How Remote Proctoring is Redefining Recruitment

Remote Proctoring

How Remote Proctoring is Redefining Recruitment

Organizations globally are embracing technology to improve and optimize their processes. Recruitment, a necessary process for organizational growth, is also adapting to the technology era.

One of the new-age technologies includes online assessments. This has increased the efficacy of the recruitment process in several ways and remote online assessments can only further improve it if the anti-cheating measures are deployed appropriately. Lending credibility to remote assessments can significantly impact recruitment processes and enhance the use of remote assessments to save time and resources.


Hitherto, calling candidates several times to the office for assessment was the only way to conduct an assessment. But through technology, a new tool has been buzzing in the market that can help you conduct credible remote online assessments safely and securely from the comfort of your location. It is called Remote Proctoring.


What Is Remote Proctoring?

A remote proctoring tool is a technology that uses a combination of manual and AI-based remote invigilation technologies to conduct remote online assessments that prevent candidates from indulging in any unfair means. Remote proctoring allows a test to be taken from any location, wherever the candidate has a computer, webcam, speaker, and high-speed internet connection.


Proctoring solutions can be used for holding many secure assessments – university entrance and/or entrance examinations, employment tests, certification tests, internal employee tests (as a part of learning & development initiatives), and competitive exams, etc.


Disruptive Features of Remote Proctoring Tool


eWorkerHR’s proctoring solution intervenes at vital junctures across the assessment process (pre-assessment, during assessment and post-assessment) to ensure the credibility of the assessment.




The tool will secure the virtual environment by blocking all external apps and browser functionalities.
  • The exam is conducted on a secure browser which prevents the candidate from opening any additional window than the test page. It also disables screen recording, screen-sharing, screen projection, and searching for answers online through any desktop/web-based application/software/page, etc.
  • This technology also scans the internet and blocks/reports sites that contain questions or answers to questions included in the test. This is done to ensure that the test is not leaked online. Test organizers can whitelist the software/pages they wish to allow.
  • The IP address of the candidate is captured to ensure that no other IP address is used to attempt the same assessment.


During the Assessment


The tool will monitor candidates for violations. 

During the test, the candidate’s video, audio, and screen feed are continuously scrutinized for violations by the AI-powered proctor botwhich, like any human, can see, hear and make intelligent decisions. It uses AI technology to spot and flag cheating violations and the use of unfair means in an online test. In a candidate’s video feed, it can detect suspicious candidate behavior such as:

  • Candidate not present or the presence of an additional person.
  • Questionable gestures like the candidate looking away from the test screen (a first in the proctoring market)
  • Mobile phone/device detection (a first in the industry, yet again)


In a candidate’s screen feed, it checks for instances when the candidate has navigated away from the main test window, probably to use unauthorized material (e.g., Google web search or some other software).




Review and Take Action with the Help of a Detailed Report.

A detailed proctoring report containing the candidate’s computer screen’s audio and video recordings is generated. The AI flags for all suspicious activities and makes it available in a comprehensive report (PDF and HTML format). It takes into account visual proctoring flags like detection of another person or absence of the candidate and browsing tolerance.


The report comes with screen recording, and a live feed video embedded along with the flags that the AI algorithm raises. The flags are arranged in chronological order for easy access, and the video is marked with flags at respective timestamps. The report is an exhaustive log of the candidate’s test-taking journey in chronology.


Why use the eWorkerHR Proctoring tool?


Budget-Friendly Proctoring

Monitor any suspicious activity with our wide range of online proctoring services that meet your scale and budget.

Conduct High Standard Assessments

Our remote proctoring services cater to a broad spectrum of examinations ranging from pre-employment assessments to entrances and mid-semester examinations.

Best AI-Based Proctoring

With our state-of-the-art AI, you can remove the logical hassle and get 95% accuracy in preventing cheating.


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