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Monitor Multiple Candidates

Proctor Tests Across Devices

Reporting Features

Secure Online Tests for All Needs

Examination Software

Deliver exams securely for students with our identity verification and cheating prevention algorithms.

Talent Assessments

Let employees or candidates attempt assessments from the comfort of thier home or office.

Certification Software

Scale your certification programmes with online test that have behavioral alerts & session review features.

Live Video Monitoring

Monitor test takers live via our remote proctoring system. A live proctor could be watching over students, say 20 at a time. They can pause, terminate or warn candidates via chat.


Behavior Alerts

Our algorithms automatically flags suspicious user behavior while letting you decide the level of tolerance you want to enforce.

Session Reviews

Easily record and review entire test sessions, complete with annotations and automatically flagged activities.


Secure Authentication

Verify test-takers using our secure identification process. You can even limit candidate logins to specific IP addresses.

Keep your LMS

eWorkerHR integrates effortlessly with your existing LMS, providing instructors and students with a seamless experience.


Secure Delivery

Our system takes virtual control of  the candidate’s computer, transforming remote assessment locales into secure workstations.

Use Remote Proctoring with Any of Our Assessments

Coding Tests

Redefine how you measure technical acumen with speed and efficiency.

Psychometric Tests

Measure hard & soft competencies to perfect your hiring process.

Aptitude Tests

Corelate test scores to on-job performance & adeptness to learn.






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